Bartender with Beer

some we have on hand!

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Sapphire Mojito 11

Bombay Sapphire brings a bright, botanical twist

to the lime and mint flavor of the classic mojito


Aperol Spritz 12

A popular Italian cocktail made with

Aperol, prosecco and club soda


Kozy Sunset 11

A tropical blend of citrus vodka, coconut rum,

and fruit juices


Moscow Mule 11

A refreshing mix of vodka,

ginger beer and fresh lime juice


Spicy Cucumber Margarita 11

Muddled cucumber and serrano chili combined with tequila, fresh lime

and served on the rocks with a lime salt rim


Kozy Rum Punch 11

A trio of rums mixed together with pineapple, cranberry

and orange juices. Topped off with a dark rum floater


Boulevardier 11

A sophisticated American take on the classic Italian negroni

using bourbon, sweet vermouth and campari


Chocolate Martini 11

Vanilla vodka, chocolate liqueur and Irish cream